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Our Philosophy

Doncaster East Pre-School’s philosophy is to create a warm and caring environment which is supportive of all children and families. We believe that children learn best through play and that early childhood is a time of rich play-based learning.

At Doncaster East Pre-School we offer a social learning environment and provide a mixture of child-initiated activities, supported play and learning, and intentional teaching. When planning activities for the children we believe that their needs, interests and enjoyment are just as important as the educational objectives. We offer a fun, but purposeful, kindergarten program which is planned with consideration to the developmental stages and backgrounds of each child.

We recognise that each child has their own preferred learning style and because of this we offer open-ended activities with a variety of tactile, visual and auditory experiences for the children to explore. Our play-based learning environment encourages children to discover, solve problems, communicate, think and create. We recognise children’s individual strengths, interests and skills, and offer a program that encourages children to be curious and enthusiastic participants in their learning.

Our programming reflects all areas of the Early Years Learning and Development Framework, and is based on an ongoing cycle of observing, planning, documenting and evaluation. We consider children to be capable, curious and active contributors to their own learning and provide a holistic environment in which they can grow and develop.

At Doncaster East Pre-School we encourage children to strengthen their connections with nature. We offer an educational program which provides many opportunities for children to engage with natural resources and the outdoor environment including bush kinder. Children can experience seasonal changes, engage in physical play, explore our garden and the local parklands.

We promote sustainable practices and encourage children to tend to our vegetable garden, sort rubbish into landfill, worm food and recycling bins, look after our worm farm and reuse materials wherever possible. We also promote active and healthy lifestyles and this is supported through various policies such as our Sun Protection Policy, Nutrition, Oral Health and Active Play Policy, Road Safety Education and Safe Transport Policy, and our Water Safety Policy.

Within the pre-school environment every child is recognised as a unique individual with his or her own needs, abilities and interests. Our families are valued and always welcome in our centre. We strive to promote and develop positive relationships with families and the local community. We respect and encourage diversity, inclusion and equity, and recognise and embrace the multicultural society we live in. Above all we believe that all children are competent and capable learners and this is reflected across all aspects of our program.

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