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Enrolments Information

Applications for our kindergarten program can be submitted after a child’s first birthday. Local kindergarten places do fill quickly, so we strongly recommend that you submit your application around the time of your child’s second birthday in order to avoid missing out on a place.

Three-year-old kindergarten is Government funded.  In order to be eligible for a funded position your child will need to turn 3 before or by April 30 in the year of attendance. In line with Government regulations, children cannot commence at kinder unattended until their 3rd birthday.


Four-year-old kindergarten is Government funded. In order to be eligible for a funded position your child will need to turn 4 before or by April 30 in the year of attendance.

To Apply

Complete an online Application Form and pay

a non-refundable application fee of $30.

Please note applications cannot be processed without

receipt of the application fee.

On receipt of your application form and application fee, your child’s name will be added to the waiting list.  This does not guarantee your child a place.

Priority of Access

Doncaster East Pre-School’s order of allocation of enrolments is as follows:

  • High Priority Children

  • Repeating Children, as decided by the director and parents and subject to funding approval

  • Children already enrolled in the centre

  • Deferrals – a child who has accepted a position at the preschool and is then subsequently withdrawn till the following year

  • Remainder of applicants


First-round offers will be sent out in April/May of the year preceding the kinder year. Subsequent round of offers will be made throughout the year until all places in the group are allocated. Offers will be made in writing, and parents/guardians are required to confirm their acceptance of the place within 2 weeks of receipt of offer by payment of a refundable deposit.

On receipt of an offer you will be invited to our end-of-year AGM (Annual General Meeting), where your child’s Enrolment Pack will be distributed. The Enrolment Pack contains information about the pre-school as well as forms to be filled in and returned to the pre-school prior to the start of the kinder year. At the AGM you will also receive information about your child’s Orientation Day, held in December each year. The Orientation Day provides an opportunity for your child to meet teaching staff and the other children who will be in your child’s group.

Enrolment and Orientation Policy  and Fees Policy.

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