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Doncaster East Preschool Outdoor Play Area

Environment & Facilities

At Doncaster East Pre-School we have a large purpose built kinder room and outdoor play space.  We are able to offer small and large group activities and a variety of play spaces.  We have a wide array of equipment which is set up in ways that invite children to investigate, learn and play.

Within our play spaces you will find:

  • Outdoors: a large sandpit, outdoor cubby house, vegetable garden, climbing equipment, swings, grass area for ball games, mud kitchen, water pump and river bed, and wandering garden paths to explore.

  • Indoors: a well-resourced play space with a range of different play areas including an extensive kindergarten library, a science and discovery area, a focused drawing and writing area, construction equipment, imaginative play spaces, puzzles, blocks, craft and painting areas.

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