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Doncaster East Pre-School is run by a Committee of Management made up of parent volunteers.  The committee is elected each year at the AGM and consists of members who meet together on a monthly basis, working together with our teaching and administration staff to run a high quality kindergarten program and contribute to the continuous improvement of our preschool.

The committee of management comprises the following positions:

  • President - Provide leadership, support and direction to the other committee members. Assist Staff and the Administration Officer to ensure the preschool meets all DET and licensing requirements, runs efficiently and is financially viable. Chair and provide regular reports at monthly Committee Meetings.

  • Vice PresidentAssisting President and other committee members as required and perform the duties of the President in his/her absence. Liaison between committee and staff when required

  • Secretary Preparing agendas, record and distribute minutes for each Committee meeting, Special General Meeting or AGM. 

  • Treasurer - Supported by the Administration Officer. Review pre-prepared records of revenue and expenditure and present these to the Committee at monthly meetings.  Being a signatory at the bank and co-signing payment of accounts authorised by the Committee.

  • Fundraising Coordinator - Organise fundraising events and activities, such as Bunnings BBQ, raffles etc, work in conjunction with the Social Events Coordinator and Class Reps,

  • Social Events Coordinator - Arranging special events such as the kinder disco, Christmas party, messy play day etc, and work in conjunction with Fundraising Officer and Class Reps.

  • Policy Officer - Responsible for the process of reviewing and updating centre policies, seeking committee approval, maintaining the Policy Folder and distribution to families.

  • Grants Officer - Identifying grant opportunities and completing grants applications.

  • Maintenance and Working Bee Officer - Organising maintenance and repairs to equipment and resources, coordinating and managing up to 4 working bees per year,

  • Kindy Kapers - Gathering kinder information from committee meetings, parents and staff and compiling the Kindy Kapers newsletter each term. 

  • Class Representatives Support and grow a sense of community within your child’s group, Contact point for families and supporting Fundraising and Social Events Coordinators. 

  • General Members - Support other committee members in their roles and assist with events, tasks and projects during the year.

2023 Committee Members:

President - Stacey Huang
Vice President - Tania Rizo
Treasurer - Elizabeth Harvey
Secretary - Brendan Petty
Fundraising Co-ordinator - Sonia Ho
Social Events Co-ordinator - Shirley Yu

Policy Officer - vacant
Grants Officer - Patricia Chen
Maintenance and Working Bee Officer - Thomas Lee
Kinder Kapers Editor - Laura Petty
3’s Class Representative - Kim Lim

4’s Class Representative - Brendan Petty
General Member - Hsiao Wui Chung
General Member - Waki Fukasawa


For more information on how to join the Committee of Management please contact us.

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